Gran Sabana Tour (4 days / 3 nights)

The tour is a four day discovery travel which takes us through a worldwide unique region of Venezuela.
The Gran Sabana is in the southeast of Venezuela. The surface is 450.000 km² and the Gran Sabana is surrounded by a mountain chain which is at some parts up to 1000 m high. Here you can find the breathtaking beauties of this nature: more than seventy-five waterfalls, the oldest mountains in the world and the last virgin forest.
On our four day tour we will walk and use as well the jeep. The tour is make able for everybody.

Day 1: The Gran Sabana tour starts in Ciudad Bolivar. This town is in the centre of Venezuela next to the big Orinoco river. The name of the town comes from the former leader of the independent movement, Simon Bolivar. The first part of our tour is the 130 km long ride on the highway 19 to Ciudad Guayana. There we will visit the “Cachamay” chute. After a short ride we reach El Callo, which is a city South of Ciudad Guyana. Here we have the possibility to visit a gold mine.
On the way to the „Kama- Meru“ waterfall we can rest and get new forces to do a small trek at the waterfall. Before we go to sleep, we do a boat ride on the river.

Day 2: Slowly the sun rises and a new day is starting. After a good breakfast our excursion along the river to the “Kaui” waterfall begins. At the waterfall everybody can make his own discoveries of the breathtaking surroundings.
After lunch we continue to the „Aponwao“ waterfall (also known as Chinak- Meru). In the afternoon we reach our night camp in Kamoirán.
Day 3: In the morning we drive South until we reach the view point „El Oso“ with a grandiose view over the table mountains. On our way to Santa Elena de Uaíren we pass the waterfalls „Kaui“, „Kama“, „Arapan“and a lot more. In the afternoon we reach the Brazilian border. To cross the border, you need the yellow fibre vaccination. The village on the other side of the border, La Linea, has a lot of nice and not expensive hammocks and hand made souvenirs. In the early evening we return to Santa Elena and are going to sleep in the beautiful Yakoo camp.
Day 4: Today is the last day of our tour. After breakfast we start going in the direction where we were coming from three days ago – Ciudad Bolivar next to the Orinoco river. We are going to pass some of the places we visited and some of you might be a little bit melancholy.

The tour is going to end soon. We are sure that this is the beginning of a big passion.

Hasta la proxima en Venezuela!
What you should bring to the tour:
  • Good walking shoes and trekking sandals
  • Light or short pants to walk in, warm cloths for the evenings
  • Rain coat
  • Swimming suite
  • hat, sun cream
  • insect repellent
  • pocket knife, flash light
  • bottle of water (1 liter)
  • passport

Price of the tour:
from 2 persons, per person 970.000,- Bolivar
Over night stay in beds with mosquito nets,
Professional guide who speaks English, German or Spanish,
3x breakfast, 4x lunch and 3x supper,
All excursions according to the programme

With the bus or a transfer to Ciudad Bolivar or via flight to Puerto Ordaz.. If you like we can make reservations for you for accommodation and help to organise the transfers and pick-up.

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