Los Nevados active tour - canyoning, paragliding, mountainbiking
(4 days / 3 nights in the Andes)

Day 1: In the morning we take the highest and longest cableway in the world from Merida center (1580m) to the Pico Espejo station (4765m). With clear skies we have a fantastic view on Pico Bolivar, the roof of Venezuela (5007m). At the station Loma Redonda (4045m) we get off the cablecar and start our 5 hours walk which leads us via Alto De La Cruz (4200m) to the colonial village Los Nevados (3000m).
This village consists of 60 houses and is situated on a steep slope. In front is the central place "Plaza Bolivar" with its beautiful church almost 40m below the upper houses. Right next to the church is the simple posada "Bella Vista" (beautiful view) which really lives up to its name. It is going to be our accommodation for the night. It is the best posada in Los Nevados, nevertheless the rooms are partly dormitory-style.

Day 2: Nights at 2900m are cold, especialy in the early morning before sunrise. But at 6am, when the sun comes up, everything warms up at once. No clouds and or fog disturb the view to the brown and white tones of the village and the green tones of the landscape. After breakfast we have enough time to visit beautiful Los Nevados. Thereafter we drive 4-5 hours in a jeep on adventurous roads through a dreamful mountain landscape to Tabay.
Day 3: At the moment canyoning is the top sport in the Andes: We follow a river to abseil through rapids and waterfalls (12, 18 and 35m high). After action follows fun: We slide over natural ravines into a water basin to be surrounded by cloud forest with big ferns, bromelias and lianas. In the afternoon we do tandem paragliding. Depending on the wind, we glide 20 to 40 minutes through the air in tandem with an experienced paraglider. At around 7.30 p.m. we get back to our posada in Tabay.
Day 4: From Merida we drive through the subtropical cloud forests of the national park of "Sierra la Culata" where it often rains during the dry season, even in the evening. Our first goal is the colonial Andes village Jaji, and from there on we continue in the direction of La Azulita. On the highest point (2450m) we take our mountain bikes and ride downhill through the cultural landscapes and forests till 1000m. After a good picknick we visit the cave "Cueva del Pirata". At around 6pm we are back in Tabay.

What you should bring on the tour:
  • good walking shoes and trekking sandals (thick socks)
  • light pants or shorts for walking, warm clothes for the evenings
  • rain coat
  • swimming costume
  • head-covering, suntan lotion
  • insect repellent (OFF)
  • passport

We recommend not to take more than 10 kg!
For this tour you should be in good physical condition. It is of advantage having experience, but not necessary.

Price of the tour:
from 2 persons on, 1.230.000,- Bolivares per person
if more participants, price on request

all transports, English and German speaking guide, accommodations tandem flight, mountain bike, canyoning, equipment

By bus, airplane or transfer to Merida. If you like we reserve your accommodation and organize pick-up and transfer services.

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