Diving courses in Venezuela
Learn diving around the island of Margarita

The island of Margarita has a lot of places to dive, some are very beautiful - others not. It is easy to discover the under water world with a normal aqualung. Since it is shallow water, systems like rebreather or nitrox diving are not necessary. Unfortunately there are no big caves or grottos where it would be possible to do cave diving. Very seldom you will find mantas and sharks. So this means relaxed and easy diving trips down to 15 to 20 meters. Who would like it more extreme can take part in a current diving trip.

Some addicional information


You can trust us of course that we let you only in the water with experienced instructors and with modern technique. All our diving teachers are certified either from Scuba Schools International (SSI) or Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Both SSI and PADI are members of a holding company (RSTC), which has centralized the standards of education and security in the diving education.
You can book of course also courses of instruction with us in order to get a diving certificate which is recognized worldwide from these renovated organisations.


The tours which we mediate include all good food. With good food we do not mean to give you only quickly some sandwiches, instead we mean a good BBQ with drinks!
A diving day is from 8:30 to 16:00 o'clock and consists of two dives.
You can borrow the equipment on site.
If you are doing VIP-diving, we guarantee you that max. four to six divers are in each group.

The following standard diving courses can be booked directly through us:

Beginner course 1 - everybody starts from small on (1 day)

This course is one of the cornerstones within the diving sport. The feeling to be able to breath under water and to feel free. The beginner course contains a theory part and a practical part which includes a excursion to the Los Frailes islands! Discover the diving with us, the easiness to breath under water, the sensation to be free.

Day trip Los Frailes islands, with diving and snorkelling, food, drinks, transfer to the hotel (within a radius of 10 km) and equipment is included in the price. Company through PADI or SSI Dive Leader.
Practical Part and Fun-Dive on one day, Price on request

For snorklers: day tour with the divers, transfer (within a radius of 10 km), food, drinks, and snorkel equipment is included in the price
A comfortable snorkelling day, Price on request

Beginner course 2 - for the ambitious beginners (2 days)

You can already build up on this course. After a short theoretical introduction in the main rules of the diving, you will do two dives with a diving teacher on your side in shallow water. This course is ideal for people who would like to do a diving course but do not know if they are able to do it.

This course can be allowed for PADI Scuba Diver or SSI Open Water Diver.

Diving course with pool training. On the first day is the pool training and the theory lessons in the Dive Inn Oasis. Transfer from the hotel (within a radius of 10 km). This day is a half day from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. or 14:30 p.m. to 17:30 p.m., each Sunday after arrangement. On the second day is a day excursion to Los Frailes island, with diving and snorkelling, food, drinks, hotel transfer (within a radius of 10 km). In the price is the programme and the equipment included. Accompanied by PADI or SSI Dive Leader (it is not a diving certificate)
Practical Part and Fun-Dive on two days, Price on request

Beginner course 3 - at the end you will have basic certificate (3 days)

This is a good beginner course from PADI for all of you who just want to do fun diving. It is easily possible to upgrade it in the future to Open Water Diver. The course consists of three modules: theory, three units of practical training and two dives at the coral reef. All this will be done in three days in a relaxed atmosphere and you are already owner of a PADI Scuba Diver dive certificate. With a person who has the dive master or a higher standard you can dive worldwide down to 12 m. If you do within a year the PADI Open Water diving certificate, the PADI Scuba Diver course will be taken worldwide into account as a part of the OWD diving course.

3 days training with pool, theory and diving tour (permanent diving certification down to the depth of max. 12 meters). Transfer from the hotel (within a radius of 10 km) is free.
In 3 days to the desired certificate, Price on request

For advanced (5 days)

The open water diving course is an introduction to the professional diving. You will learn to take responsible for your partner, get to know together with him the under water world and share experiences. With the OWD diving certificate you can dive in depth down to 18/20 meters. The course is divided into different sections with theory and exercises in the pool, as well as 4/5 free water dive tours with exercises, fun and interesting discoveries under water by the Los Frailes islands. The course will take 5 days.

5 days training with pool, theory and diving tour (permanent diving certificate down to the depth of max. 18 meters). Transfer from the hotel (within a radius of 10 km) free.
In 5 days to a permanent diving certificate, Price on request

There was nothing for you? Then write us an E-Mail and tell us what you are looking for.
We will do our best to organise something which will fit your taste. If you like, also in different places.
What is about the paradise of diving Los Roques for instance?

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