Language courses in Venezuela
Learn Spanish in the holiday paradise

We offer Spanish courses in our school on Island Margarita. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribic which is only 30 minutes from the Venezuelan mainland away. Our Spanish courses consist of small groups of maximal 6 participants. It is also possible to have private tuitions.
We offer Spanish courses in 5 different levels and also special courses for economy, law, medicine and tourism. The school is small and personal and is situated in a calm part of the town, far away from the mass tourism. The head of the language school is Dr. Sabine Loeffler who has obtained a doctorate in language scholar from the UNED in Spain. Moreover she has a master degree in education and is teaching Spanish since 20 years. Before she started to work for us, she was a Spanish professor at universities in Germany. Our teachers are high qualified and all have a qualified high school degree. Some of them speak more than one language and have Spanish as mother tongue.
The programme of the course is developed in that way that you will learn in a short time as much as possible. Since we take regularly part on congresses and language meetings, our technique is of the newest standard. The language course includes 3 excursions per week which usually go to the beach and accommodation is with host families with 2 meals. (Other accommodation options are possible.) We recommend an accommodation in a Venezuelan host family because you will be able to practice your Spanish. Moreover you will get an important insight of the Venezuelan culture. The island of Margarita has 82 different beaches where you can relax and have fun. It is as well possible to try out the different water sports possibilities like wind and kite surfing.
It is an ideal starting point to learn Spanish and then discover the Latin American continent! If you like we will help you planning your stay on the main land after your Spanish language course. Ideas and information about the nicest places (Canaima, Delta of Orinoco, Gran Sabana, the Ands region etc.) you will find under 'Tours'. We can also support you with reservations of accommodations, flight tickets, pick-up and transfer service, as well as to organise day trips, tours and round trips through the whole country. Just use our form on this page or write to

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